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S I N G I N G    W A I T E R S

W A T C H   O U R   P I Z Z A   D E L I V E R Y   B O Y   

S I N G I N G   W A I T E R S   S K I T   I N   A C T I O N

W A T C H   O U R

S I N G I N G   W A I T E R    D E C L A R I N G   H I S   L O V E  

F O R   A   W E D D I N G   G U E S T !

T A I L O R E D   T E N O R S   S I N G I N G   W A I T E R S

This is one of our most popular and frequently requested packages.  


Your guests will be delighted as two Singing Waiters blend in seamlessly with the Catering Team, waiting on tables before bursting into song, raising the roof and starting the party!

We'll Tailor make your package allowing you to choose from one of our many Singing Waiters Scenarios!  Some of our past Singing Waiters events have included:

# Hapless Waiters have a heated argument before stealing the limelight by belting out a hit!

# A Daring Waiter declares his undying love for a guest before breaking into a love song, much to the fury of the Head Waiter!


# An Electrician in a Boiler Suit enters to break the news to the head waiter and the guests that there has been an electrical fault and the whole building will have to be evacuated.  Before chaos ensues the boiler suit is whipped off and Tailored Tenors are revealed to begin the serenade!


# The Exhausted Head Chef addresses everyone to apologise to the Head Waiter and the guests for his appalling food and breaks down in tears.


# A Pizza Delivery Boy (see video below) arrives to deliver an order of seven Pizza's apparently ordered by one of your guests.  (Chosen by you!)  The Head Waiter intervenes as chaos erupts!

# The Waiter’s Last Day. The Head Waiter announces to the Wedding Party that it is the other Waiters’s last day and that it is tradition that he should sing for the crowd.  As he reluctantly begins, it becomes apparent that he cannot sing at all!  However, after a few moments he suddenly finds his talent and begins to belt out a soaring performance!

Packages include two Singing Waiters, singing 2 x 20 minutes sets, typically after the starter and then again after the main course.

Finally, should your favourite song not be within our song list, we pride ourselves on offering to learn that special song for your big day!

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